Living with a passion can sometimes be a very intense feeling.  Living from your passion is a dream and a privilege, living and enjoying every moment.  Emotions and intensity are the ingredients that this passion brings to my life, pushing me and driving me to capture that image that will best represent those very ingredients.


Being a motorsport enthusiast, I have  the pleasure of covering major motorsport events such as Formula One, NASCAR, Verizon Indycar, World and Americas Rallycross and the Canadian Superbike Championship series.  I also attend various support series and on my free time, I can be seen at local short track races in my area. Every racing season brings new challenges, new goals and most importantly, new images.  The drive to surpass myself, to create these new images that make you live those very same emotions,  that I live through every racing weekend. 

My goal : To bring and to share my vision, my passion and my heartstopping moments.

If you are looking to work with a passionate photographer who cares about the photographs that best represent your image and media, please make sure to contact me. It will be a pleasure to work with you.

Hopefully through these images, I can make you live that same intensity, drive and passion.


Here are my images !

Here is my vision !

Here is my passion !